ITS Meeting Agenda: Friday October 19, 2012

Absent: Donna Owen, Jeff Uselman, Bunny Barnard,


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- October Food Drive Collection (Social Committee)
Pay dues if not done yet, thank you for the food - taking to serving center which is bare much of the time due to need, social event today - morellea's grill after meeting, raffle drawing, Mark brought most items, give out birthday bags at serving center

- Are you a veteran? If so, let Mary Jo know.

- Celebration (Community Bulletin "See how RRISD is 'Getting I.T. Right')
The public relations dept has a temp who has written articles about BYOD and "Getting IT Right"

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- Replacement bulbs for projectors (Jan)
would like to provide bulb ops has no place to store...83 or 83+ has 100 bulbs...has a few 3M lamps...bought 20 of older model...newer campus has 93s...lamps are getting lost when ITS transition...when you get down to 3...HS or MS would call and get 10...ES would call and get 3...cafeteria would be as needed...let Jan know when used cafeteria bulb... give predominant model of projector when ordering careful when changing them

- Google Apps for students (MJ)
We want and need them...with HS initiative need these...Waiting for student accounts until automation of new hires is complete, but taking too long...need student accounts tied to AD... Ed said we need to do a pilot at McNeil to try student accts by Jan...may have google accts for all students by next year...Belton has google student acct, first 2 weeks had 200 referrals/day...changed it so students couldn't email each other to curb bullying

- Tech Training Proposals and Sub-Reimbursement Funds (RA)
Can still submit but it is past due date...if you don't need it, fine...if you are planning to use sub funds because you don't know exactly what to do, send a ballpark figure ASAP so they know if $ is being used for subs...

- End of semester exams in moodle (JU)
Becky B has asked math instructional coaches to create math exam in moodle for EOC...Robert at McNeil created some EOC at end of year last year...if you're making any for your campus, avoid math

- Spam, Postini, and Teacherweb (MJ)
Teacherweb emails going to Quarantine (Postini)...Mike B. offered a fix to it working?...still getting complaints
Kim can send password to Postini to change fix...have to do multiple times before getting into Postini...parent emails going into Quarantine as well...not an automatic response...Kim is maunally putting in the information...
PTA email going to Quarantine...

- Texas Success Initiative: iStation and Think Through Math (MJ, RA) - K-8, TEA has purchased licenses, Texas SUCCESS, goal to tie to PIEMS data to see how they do in Istation vs. standardized tests
Istation (Reading) - you have to open up ports in firewall...Ed concerned about data upload which needs to be done at district level
Think Through Math - can be done by individual teacher...need campus number (246 909 _) for set-up...useable right now...for RTI
Read 180 generation...webbased...have principal contact Sunny

- JIT Progress Report and Share-Out of what was covered (ITSs on JIT teams)
Counselors having training Remind 101 and Appointment Slops...second time wanted embed google calendar and customize to webmaster and ITS for embedding and filtering...can set up to have both accessible from front page want to learn about blogs...
Vernon did a training for parent resource officers...
Let MJ know if you'd like to be involved in district-wide training
JIT - going well...have heard wonderful things...experience good, good relationship builder, concerns are don't know what's being done in other are we going to share the information being do we vertically align to standards...need suggestions for solutions...participants liked tech piece...used to fit tech items in the ARRC...create google doc page to items used and/or drive folder for each grade level with content area folders...upload what you've created into folders...curriculum wanted to hold materials for those who came to training...advertisement for JIT not good...want teachers to stay in presentation shared with participants right after session...building relationships with participants as well as curriculum...paper slides, glogster, animoto, voice thread, popolets, tagsedo,...secondary had some varying experiences...
Meeting Schedule - next full day mtg supposed to be 11/16...don't need us in the beginning...probably closer to 10...ITs meet together in the AM

- Evaluation process for 12-13 (Evaluation Process Review Committee Members)
HR looking at evaluations...use list as a reflective piece...checkpoint 1 would be nice to do as a group vs individual...will have choice to do it either way...other checkpoints will be individual... took HR list of duties to be sure each item was aligned...need to gather data to support goals...depends on what your role is on your campus...added examples of data to share...tried to tie choices to all people need to work with mentors to begin placing items into area 7 we now have a part in performance results...checkpoint 1 group can be 3-5 people

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- Internet Safety (MJ) - dedice on video with aminstration
Secondary - discussed with secondary sent with links and script...downloaded video to grab stuff/documentation/cyberbullying and google...required to show to whole staff prior to April 1,
Elementary - document when done...go through counselor...AUP PP can be shown with teacher...brainpop jr. has free video for direction from district

- Class Dojo (MJ, RA)
Classroom management...use computer to give negative/positive reinforcement...teachers set up, log in using name, birthdate, email...if a student logs in at home they can see other kids stuff as well...resides on an unsecured server...asks for too much personal information...met with Estes/Amacher and stated that it is not something we can not support or encourage use, but are not the police...Bunny had a workaround for it at her school...using fake names and birthdates...not our role to monitor teacher use of site

- Bookshare and SOLO (RA)
.....First roll-out: Westwood, Sommer, Caraway, TBD
books on internet for read...available for qualified kids...disabilities and need...SOLO software needed to run

- District Improvement Plan (MJ)
.....Goal 7 new CIP site...use to plan technology goals for campus...Goal 5 - trying to increase # of computers to students in middle and elementary...

.....High School Technology Initiative (ITS)
goal to have HS freshman 1-to-1...three choices w/pros and cons...must be able to take EOC exams on device...going with Dell laptop...hearing lots about Edmoto...librarian at Westlake instrumental in iPad initiative...will track computers through Absolute...computers going to 9th graders at McNeil and RR
Creating an access point in every classroom at McNeil and RR to provide for 1-to-1...system to help with BYOD being tested...onboarding devices creates ability to only onboard once... teachers can onboard 3 devices and students can onboard problem could be that once a phone is on, it can't be replaced except through Brent...have to have administrator on device

- Smartboards (MJ)
.....Smartboards in the warehouse
McNeil send Smartboards to warehouse...7 are going to Gattis...some newer and some MJ by Monday noon if interested...lottery drawing for the other 6
Mimeo - assemble hardware and go over tool coverage minimal...IT would go more in depth with software...SPHS loving Mimeo,,,CVMS training...MJ will send out pricing for issue with licensing code being worked on

- Getting IT Right! (RA)
new plan using overall district theme rather than highlighting campus doings...jeff and robert writing topics...document cameras information coming at end of month...Getting IT Right topics available on google docs...add information and dates as you know its coming...

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- Google
.....Congratulations to Google Certified Trainers
Christy, Greg, Mark...a lot of paperwork

.....Google tips analysis of usage...biweekly

.....Google Tutorial Site statistics
Greg...still being looked at and used...instead of typing out answer, send link to tutorials
Sites changing soon

.....Google Apps, guest wireless, Apple devices
blocking google apps on wireless? Apple has it that apps have to go through certain port...can use safari to access email and google drive...Apple does not play well with others regarding Google issues

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- Google Sites - Is there a way to monitor the amount of space people are using? (Shannon)
No...teachers loading documents and they will go away when space is gone...documents can be cleared out by administrator...users will get a notice before automatic deletion...TeacherWeb still in place this year...should encourage another direction such as Edmoto, blogger, sites...working on district wide web solution but may not trickle down to teachers...changing code for TeacherWeb

- Gaming creation/building software: What should be the district standard? (RA)
some enrichment/multi-media classes wanting to create gaming...need to let Robert know what is being done, what is out there, what works, what we can support and train on...would like district standard...Kodu, Yo-yo games, Game Cell, Scratch

- October 30th Elementary Science JIT training Techology Integration into our series session "Highly Effective Instructional Strategies for Science". The audience for this professional development is 33 Science Collaborative Participants that represent all grade levels (one teacher/campus)."
.....Ideas for training
for collaborative science teacher to take back to campus
.....Request for help/trainers
Let Robert know if you can/want to help
.....Meeting/Planning times for group (Select one of these possible dates: Oct. 24 morning, Oct. 26 morning, Oct. 26 afternoon, or ???)

- Tablets - What are you doing with them?
tablet support site
...can update tablet to Ice Cream Sandwich (call Greg for issues), long and involved but worth it...can update on administrator tablets, but do your own first...connectivity is much better with update
how using - email, can test apps for teacher tablets (kids app to lock information on tablet), tech help tickets, camera, administrators - PDAS, active directory app, QR codes, disable and enable when coming and going from access point to access point.

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Lunch: On your own

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Table Talk/ Session 1: 1:15-1:35, then share 10 minutes
Google Doc recording sheet
Session 2- 1:45 - 2:15 - Choose one to attend
  • Grab Stuff - how to navigate it
  • BYOD- Secondary
  • BYOD - Elementary
  • Google Calendar room reservations
  • High School ITS meet with Chris Neher to talk about Google Apps for Educators pilot for students at RRHS and MHS
    (other high school ITSs can join in)
  • Work Time - work on blog, documentation for evaluation, website, etc.

Session 3: 2:15 - 3:10 - Choose one to attend
  • Elementary - Create a Google Site with Common Student links
  • Teacher Guides Makeover
  • Going Google Tips - get organized
  • Curriculum Planning Time for Elementary - TA TEKS Sharing Ideas
  • Best Practices and Technology Planning on Campuses - (How do you spend your time on campus? What kind of trainings have you planned? How did you schedule them? - Sharing ideas and best practices to improve how we do our jobs.)
  • Work Time - work on blog, documentation for evaluation, website, etc.