Agenda: March 1, 2013

~ Welcome
- Social Committee (Linda and Group)
- Celebrations

~ Updates
- Brent and Jennifer Q and A (9:00)
- 8th grade Tech Lit Assessment Resources
- STaR Chart - complete by April 5?
.......\\grab\Stuff\Documentation\STaR Chart
- Online oral testing for 4th and 8th grade students
- Meeting with Mark Gabehart
.......March 4 at Tech Center (elementary)
.......March 5 at Cedar Valley (secondary)
- Think Through Math and iStation
- 2013-14 campus assignments and transfers

~ Planning / Collaboration
- Content Management System: At your table brainstorm questions that you think are critical and non-negotiable which represent district, campus, and teacher needs. The RFP provides a framework for these questions: Technology Infrastructure, Community Based Infrastructure, Web Content and Community Management, Communication and Collaboration, User Experience and Compliance. CMS Input

~ Input Needed
- ISTE Conference
......Who will attend if we have funds to pay for a day registration?
- Robotics Showcase - April 30
.......How many schools will participate? Complete form by April 1.
- Summer PD
.......Last Year's Summer PD
.......Suggestions for this summer
- Telpas
- Celebration of Families - March 23
.......Volunteers needed for set up for presenters, Instructional Technology table, Cybersafety Session for parents

~ Demo
- Teacher guides handouts for PD (Robin and Shannon) - Cheat Sheets Google Folder

1 - 2 pm
  • Cool Tools Websites you have learned about
  • Google
  • TA TEKS Planning Committee
  • Flipped Classroom
  • BYO - Apps and Uses in the Classroom

2:05 - 3 pm

  • Cool Tools Websites you have learned about
  • Professional Development - New Thoughts/approaches
  • Twitter as a PLN
  • Edmodo
  • Work Time - Getting IT Right blog, website, Google Cert (due March 20th), etc.

- MJ's Retirement