Agenda Wednesday August1, 3:30 - 5:30 Absent: Michele Kincaid (Notes by Mary Jo

- New ITS's - First campus visits - How did it go?
- Social Commitee (dues $20 for envelope) Dues should be paid by December. Put money in the envelope and return to Social Committee member.
- Cart refresh (Jan)
.....Not all 630s are being refreshed. The 630s at Teravista, Walsh, Callison and ?? Sommer.
On the campus refresh MHS, HMS, WMS. forest creek, callison, sommer, teravista will be refreshed in the spring. Will start with MHS
If you have additional staff, not replacement staff, please tell Jan how many computers you need.
For cart refresh, we will begin with Connected Classroom.
- Updates (Brent and Jennifer)
..........Jennifer and Brent realize "we are back." Theme for the day "check the wifi light" before calling.
See slide show in "ITS Shared Docs" on Google. Cannot create staff accounts, change properties of staff or create/modify generic accounts.
Can create student accounts reset passwords, add staff to groups. People who leave the district will eventually leave the district.
Long term subs are still in AD. Transferrring people.... not yet an automated process... for now ....
Kim Widfielt is creating a form which she will share. And all will be populated in Google.
What happens to H drive folders when someone has gone. Go ahead and delete the folder.
Subs... Get id number, find sub in ad, and add them to a campus group.... By mid year the subs will be on lots and lots of campuses. Be careful about giving them full rights. Automatically they can log on, may get an email address, will map to q drive and in the q drive they will see one folder called Substitute Shared. In this folder is a folder for every campus. Sub groups can see data. All staff can modify sub shared folder. Teachers can dump stuff in this folder and create folders by last name.
...Passwords and accounts automatically sync to Google. Within 60 seconds it will sync.
.... will not change password until February.
Groups..... managed vs. manual

Go into AD groups...notice managed ou and a distribution ou... anything not in the managed OU is fair game.....
If it is managed.... when we run automatic process in the morning, everything is parced and replenished every morning.... So do NOT muck with these groups.
Pretty picture of nested groups.
You can add members to office group because it is not managed.See the slide that shows you who is in office not managed group.
Groups ....distribution lists - are email groups; (right now the groups are somewhat correlated with the gmail groups)
Security groups are managed for printers sot that network group can apply permissions.
Cafeteria managers are generic... cafeteria manager and circdesk
Campus list - canyoncreek / users/ groups/ distribution lists - includes all staff (everone in office and teachers plus anyone you add to an office or teacher group), If you put someone in this group, then they will get the email to
Create distribution lists in the distribution list OU. By default it is a security group. Click distribution button instead of security button. This is just for campus groups. Anything across multiple campuses goes to Kim W. Name the group CanyonCreek_FirstGrade... copy the name.... to to properties and add description and email. and add members.
By default, a group created in Google can only be accessed by the domain.
Put floating teacher in staff and will get printing rights.
You can put teachers for transfers in now, and then
Great question from Alford....when someone is transferrred, they still log on with old prefix until Aug 10.
Kim has a form for name change.
Aug 10 all staff will be renamed.
Q drive - Brent moved all shared data onto Server1 (no more on Server2)
Any shared data on your campus should be in the shared folder.
Data that is to be shared across campuses should be requested from Kim.
Students could access to Q drive could possibly use that,
Assessment Data on Q drive -- find your assessment group on the campus and add them.
Moving things....
if you move a printer then change the name of the printer to the new room number. Send email to Brent and Jennifer to rename printer and then update the spreadsheet.
If you get a new printer, put it on hnetwork, then send IP and share name
When moving a computer in AD from one area of the building to another, you can drag and drop. you are possibly changing software deployed to computer and the printers depending on spreadsheet.
Send spreadsheet with student info to create student accounts...... give them two days to create users. (see slide show for info to send.
Student username is same as always
Hyphenated names - use excel to parce out hyphen and use the first part of the name.
Every campus now has 3 generic accounts....

- Google docs - do's and dont's
- Teacher webpages
- JIT training
- Update signatures in email
- Sub Reimbursement (RA and JU)
- eCampus updates (Dianna Guyette, Stacy Arnold)
- Short Meeting of ITS's who are leading 8/2/2012 and 8/9/2012 Google training