8:00 to 8:30 Social time and snacking
Celebrations! Put it on the white board for all to see!

- MIS Update-Ed and Jan
- Network / Hardware / Wireless update (Jennifer et al)
- Social Committee Report and Food Drive
- Update: TMSDS MSTAR Test-mj
- Update: Fitnessgram
- Update: e2020 Credit Recovery Solution
- Update: Project Share-mj [Group (institutional) for campus (i.e. RRISD CTE group - Justin)] grab\stuff\documentation\projectshare
- Update: Moodle- Server upgrade this afternoon
- Update: "One-to-One" Initiative
- Update: Sub Reimbursement (\\grab\stuff\Documentation\Sub_Reimbursement_for_Tech_Training]])
- Printing- Irma B. and Carol E.
- Documentation of campus software and licenses (Group/Table discussions)
  • What works
  • What doesn't work
  • Is your documentation method replicable and easy to understand/use/access
- Climate survey (MJ) grab\stuff\documentation\survey question\MaryJo
- Getting I.T. Right blog
  • Campus recognition pages celebrating how teachers and students are using technology.
  • We applaud campus how-to postings but district leadership is asking for celebrations to be formally showcased.
  • Send links to recognition pages of campus recognition pages to to Jeff or Robert.
  • Suggestions for Categories.
- Project Share ePortfolio (Individual and Table work)
  • Avatar or photo
  • Teaching interest
  • Current info (campus assignment, etc.)

Absent: Henry Vasquez, Summer Neary, Jen Freeman,