- Arriving late due to Career Day ( TerryAnn Hill and Berto Casillas)

- Celebrations
.....Elvis is in the building!
.....Robotics Showcase- May 9th at McNeil H.S. (
.....Long Range Technology Plan has been accepted and approved!

- Ed and Jan
- Summer Campus Technology information form- MJ and JU
- Summer laptop checkout form- High Schools (on Teacher Guides)

- Updates
.....Budget update - MJ
.....STaR Chart and NCLB
.....Edline Update- Julie Chreste
.....Moodle ARRC update- Donna Owen

- Reminders

- End of Year Procedures- Jan's group

- Break

- Social Committee activity - Linda

- Professional Development/ Summer School - MJ

- Science Go!Temp Probes (Elementary Campuses) - Robert
.....Distribute 8 probes per campus
.....Discuss software installation for now (as needed basis)
.....Discuss "push-out" on 3rd, 4th, 5th teacher and student computers during early Fall 2011 by MIS (Note: need to be available for the first units of instruction, Matter and Energy)

-ITS Luncheon at Waterloo