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.....TCEA Winners

-Dee Carney MFP Updates
MFP March 4, 2011 with Dee Carney
LEARN MFPs Don’t like:
· white out
· Purple paper
· Pink highlighter
· Teachers don’t bubble dark enough

  1. Doesn’t read ½ the answers on Science benchmark, why:
· Common reason: Didn’t bubble dark enough, do this Before they scan
o On student grade report, shows BLANK for questions (so you know it wasn’t dark enough)
o Or skipping questions will come up blank
· 2nd most common reason: debris on the glass
o Look on grade report and it ways MULT (short for multiple bubbles)
· What do you Do:
o Contact campus ITS and provide info listed.
o We contact Dee J -- 5658
  1. When I had scored writing machine did not score ½ the answers
    • Why does this show ELARW error occur?
i. Forget to bubble in composition part
ii. Reverse the rubric
  1. How do I know if my benchmark data went through or not?
    • Will receive message at the end of scanning
    • should receive an email
  2. Almost all duplicate scans can be prevented by
    • Making sure all facing the same way
    • Select correct bubble sheet
    • Scan early
    • Avoid Timing out
  3. I didn’t know there was a late scan window?
    • What is purpose of late scan window
i. Give teachers a chance to rescan
ii. Capture absent students results
    • How long is it on?
i. 2 weeks
    • What is Process:
i. Contact Principal
ii. Principal Call Dee, get late scan password

New Upgrades made Feb 9
New Screen Messages:
  • Status message
  • “grading completed” message
  • And more, see email from Dee

Compliments & Concerns shared

-Jan- Purchasing guidelines

-Email- Supporting devices- MJ
......"The district only supports Blackberry devices at this time." Ed

-Customer Service PD
..... All employees will be required to complete Customer Service Training by Friday, April 29, 2011.

RRISD’s Five Star Customer Service Training will be available for completion via e-Campus #3840.18627 beginning Tuesday, February 15. Attached please find instructions for logging onto the system and completing the training. Please note, any employee with an employee ID number may complete the customer service training on-line.
-Budget update- Latest information- MJ
-Budget deadlines


-Social Committee activity- Linda

-Professional Development/ Summer School

-TI83 Calculator Emulator software

-Edline Webpages- Preview Grisham website

-Robotics Showcase- May 9th at McNeil H.S.

-ARRC will be accessed through Moodle- Make sure teachers know how to access Moodle.

-What's This Number? \\grab\stuff\Documentation\ITS Meetings\2010_11

-Social Media Campus Presentation- Susan H.

-TCEA highlights

-New TurningPoint software update- Vickie B.

-Teacher laptops and end of the year procedures-High School ITS only
.....What procedures need to be in place to make sure that teacher laptops are accounted for?

-8th Grade Assessment- MS ITS only