July 29, 2010: Monthly ITS Meeting (First One of Year) at SPHS Lecture Hall

absent:Mark Kania, Nicole Ortega, Carol Edwards, Angie Hintz,

Google Wave:
ITS Social Networking List: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AiCEs80hh6JbdHE2OHlJWVBaZmR6c0tiRzRKdkxOVUE&hl=en#gid=0
Agenda (8:00 - 4:00) (Bold = Primary Presenter):

- Sign-in, Update Phone Numbers, Custody Receipts - be sure to sign in and turn in new custody receipts
- Visit and snacks (8:00 - 8:30)
- Welcome and Introductions (MaryJo)
---Leadership committee retreat was successful - Dr. Chavez learned to blog and Ed Zaiontz learned to tweet
---Be sure to put in your social network account info into the google doc (link above)
---New ITS: Jerry Gutierrez (Carol Vandermeer's temporary replacement), Jeff (TIS), April (RRHS), David (Laurel Mountain and Great Oaks), Cara (Pond Springs and Anderson Mill), Doriane (Spicewood), Susan (Cedar Ridge), Ann (Stony Point), Julie (Grisham), Wigberto (Title I Promethean, Manuel's replacement)
---Angie update: Single-car accident on July 13 (tire blew out and car rolled over), has been home for 8 days now, recovering nicely. Aside from a few scrapes and bruises, she has a broken bone (the bone connecting the shoulder to front) and a "big hole" in her shoulder that Jen says it "looks like a meteor hit her". Angie had a video made to tell us about her update and to show us her wound - pretty graphic. She thanks the ITS for all the well wishes and gifts.
---MaryJo is in the process of arranging extra help (ITS substitutes) with HR due to 4 pregnancies and 1 accident for this year.

- Ed Zaiontz updates
......IS Org chart: looking for replacement for Carol Vandermeer (will start interviewing soon) but temporarily Jerry Gutierrez will fill in; Tao Huang is on maternity leave till October and we have no substitute for her; Carol Vandermeer is willing to come back in August to help out; people working in the background will do their best to help
......MFP location: Lexmark Online assessment - Multi-Function Printer that will allow teachers to print answer sheets and score tests.
---Phase 1: teacher will be able to print the answer sheets and scan tests and score them, then CSV file will be transferred over
---Phase 2 will be when everything is automatic.
---Every elementary and middle school (except Ridgeview) will get one MFP and Ed needs to know the location (preferably a centrally-located room that has an electric outlet and network port). As soon as you know the location, email Ed so it can be delivered to your campus. Ridgeview will get 2 due to size and all high schools will receive 4. Target date is the week of August 27th for completion of installation. The first benchmark test is given the week of Sept. 13th (middle schools)
---MFP is the size of a laser printer, need ample space at location. It will come with a stand as well, which will make it 4 feet tall. These machines will be covered with a 3 year maintenance warranty. Toner cartridge purchases - Dee Carney will be looking into this. Ed doesn't know who will cover this expense. Initially, cost will be incurred by district, but long-term, could be covered by campus.
......Dr. Chavez would like to implement a 1-to-1 initiative in the high schools; start with pilot using netbooks this year, then eventually move to more students (starting with 9th grade) using netbooks for the following school year. Also a pilot program that is in the works: teachers given netbooks
......Other: Construction at new schools-doing well at Chandler Oaks but need Netbooks set up, Cedar Ridge furniture has not arrived yet so they cannot install the technology equipment so things are on hold; WHS still has renovations going on inside the school; RRHS is doing well, but the parking lot has changed with different entrances and exits; various other campuses that have construction going on are progressing; we broke ground for the new elementary school near Paloma Lake, located northeast area of our district-"middle of nowhere", open summer of 2011 and Elsa England Elementary school will be opened in 2012 (named after property owner like Patsy Sommer) - two major projects left from the 2008 bond. Dr. Chavez wanted all the 2006 bond projects completed by December 2010 in anticipation for future bonds, which stretched the construction and technology people/resources, but plan to visit.

- Jan Hopkins
......handout - who to call with org chart functions, phones, email, and preferences: IS Helpdesk is still there, but rolls over to Reba, who will direct you to the correct line.
---Web Tech support (Tao) is currently out on Maternity, so go to Linda Aschenbrenner for now.
---MIS student services questions - prefer email over phone calls (ext. 5142)
---Student Services/Business Services/EPMS issues - 5142, but email is preferred.
---Lotus Notes - Jerry Gutierrez (separate email address, which is preferred: Lotus_Support@roundrockisd.org) and ext. 5171
......other: Dan Scott - He prefers phone call for network issues and we can contact the different people in his group for different issues.
---Jan prefers us to email her for purchase orders for the latest quotes
---Teacher PCs: if we added positions (no replacements, adding Instructional Coach and/or Academic Dean, etc.), let Jan know ASAP! Turnaround is 2-3 weeks, so you need to figure out a temporary solution till the computers arrive.
---When installing software/hardware, you need to find out the proof of ownership/licenses and if it is district-approved.
---Projector installation project: Title 1 schools - Voigt and Purple Sage have not been walked through for installation yet due to construction. Once the projectors are installed, Jan will get together with you to get a document camera count and get them out to your campus
---After all the campus refreshes, then the 150 laptop carts will be refreshed. You need to decide if you want to refresh with a cart of 16 Latitudes or 24 Netbooks.
---Only ITSs should request Lotus Notes IDs at this point. The secretary on campus should not request any more at this point. If non-ITS people request Lotus Notes, it will be forwarded back to MaryJo to confirm.
---Library laptops are counted towards campus refreshes, not laptop carts.

- Dan Grayson: "Manager" of Tech Ops - email address and ext. 5491
......laptop: diagnostic lights from batteries not too informative, holding battery indicator for 3-5 seconds for life expectancy: flashing lights=dead battery, 4-5=dead or near dead, 0=new battery. Laptops that do not boot up will need to be fixed, run diagnostics, highest failure is batteries. F2 Bios will tell you the health and charge of battery. Batteries are expensive to replace.
......keyboards: Key caps and nubs usually don't "fall off" by itself, waste of money to replace.
......equipment responsibility: Try to find a way to make students and teachers accountable so there will be less incidents and save money.
---Almost any issues on desktops can be fixed onsite - be descriptive when reporting issue
---Diagnostic Lights on desktops: 3 levels-1) series of beeps will indicate video card, hard drive or system, 2) Numerical numbers (go to http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/op745/en/ug_en/trouble.htm#wp1114558 and it will give you the information based on the LED number lights), 3) F12 screen, select Diagnostics and run

- Follow-up to end of 2009-2010 input (MaryJo)

- Reminders and FYI:
......Getting I.T. Right! (MaryJo): showed to Dr. Chavez to show our success in Technology in the various campuses, we hope to continue blogging about our successes (let Robert and Jeff know)
......If needed, plan to sign-up with Mark Kania for September Expression Web Training (MaryJo)
......If needed, plan to sign-up with Marcela Baxter for September 17th afternoon EPMS/Teacher Portal Training (MaryJo): all new ITSs need to sign up on eCampus for the training.
......Robotics - budget code 4111 36 XXX 99 6412 00 (up to 2 teams) (MaryJo): will pay for TWO teams, which means TWO teams need to go, not one team that "feels like going", share with Budget manager (secretary) and charge it to campus P-card or PO, send receipt to MaryJo for reimbursement.
......Adding contact information to Lotus Notes district address book (take time now) (encourage teachers to do it back on campus): please update your information and encourage your teachers to do so as well through Lotus Notes.

- Split (10:00)
......Elementary = Gradespeed update
(Carla Amacher, Regina Payne, Pam Braun)
---Language Arts will be 50-50 split between Reading and Writing, Spelling will no longer be a component.
---Most teachers were never given a formal training in Gradespeed
---Teachers will be trained sometime by the 4th week of school by ITS and an experienced teacher. Currently there is a training session on September 7 and 14 for one teacher per campus to come and be trained in Gradespeed. ITS needs to discuss with principal and experienced teacher to decide how to present to rest of teachers for training.
---Encourage teachers to name assignments based on TEKS being taught and enter grades weekly
---Registrars have not been formally trained yet - Pam Braun will speak with them, but what they do shouldn't change too much
---Powerpoint (link above) has notes included - best to look through and use for training.
---Grade levels need to be consistent - decisions made by teams together (especially weighting system, which cannot be changed after they have been created for the school year) and report to principals, who will report it to their supervisors (Beverly H.)
---Consistency is key: schools must diligently work towards being consistent (number of grades per quarter or subject) and reviewing (annually review comment codes and decide on citizenship-on every subject or only certain?)
---Principals can only make requests for Gradespeed.
......Secondary = What principals and district leadership saw during the Superintendent's Leadership Retreat (however,
..............................with additional focus on Moodle) ( http://rrisd-slr.wikispaces.com/Instructional+Tech ) (MaryJo and Jeff)

- Updates
......Acceptable Use Policy and New Student Handbook changes (MaryJo)
---TWO BIG CHANGES in Student Handbook: 1) FERPA page: student name, where they come from, phone number, etc. allowed on directory (paper or web) and 2) student's first and last name with photo can be on webpage as long as parents turn in permission (also, according to Texas Statute, student's first and last name with photo can be posted so long as it is tied to education)
......Read 180 (Rose Fiduk) - Questions? Call Rose at 5957
......Social Committee (Linda Nichols) http://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0Akh5-Yjo8kCAdHlxc2lPTFBkV0lySzRmNWh2Mlc2ZHc&sort=name&layout=list&num=50 - Please go to the Google doc to volunteer and join this committee, discuss what to cover with dues (hospital stay, funeral, birth, wedding, social gatherings, retirement, meeting breakfast, social activities - Holiday party/EOY gathering/Secret Santa/etc.)
......Sub reimbursement (Robert and Jeff) ([[file:\\grab\Stuff\Documentation\Tech Training Sub Reimbursementh|\\grab\Stuff\Documentation\Tech Training Sub Reimbursement]])
Only difference now is that you can send a DIGITAL copy to Robert (elementary) or Jeff (middle and high schools) instead of a physical copy of AFD sent through campus mail//
---There's more funds this year than last, amount is flexible to a certain point
---Money should be from the TECHNOLOGY funds, not SUB funds and we rounded up amount (half-day $46, full-day $91)
---When filling out form, be more specific in description of training that takes place instead of "Tech training"
......Fitnessgram, Connected Tech, TMSDS, Moodle, etc. (MaryJo)
......District Goals and CIP - http://www.roundrockisd.org/index.aspx?page=3011 (MaryJo): note #7 - webpages will be utilized more, ABCs and CIPs can be used to integrate technology more on campus
......TeacherWeb (Jeff) - please update and delete the ones not in use on your campus (Jeff will place the file with all the users and passwords it in \\grab\stuff\Documentation), teachers that do not want to use TeacherWeb can use other alternatives (wikispaces, blogspot, etc.)
......Future meeting dates and Refreshment sign-up (MaryJo) - look at wiki and sign up (unless social committee takes over...up for discussion)

- Tech and Instructional Support Ticket System (Nicole Ellenson and group discussion): Need to find a way to keep track of repairs on computers, look at example from Nicole Ellenson's campus- http://schools.roundrockisd.org/jollyville/Repair.aspx, can be Google doc form and easy to keep track of the repair requests

- Training new staff on campus (MaryJo and all) - Office staff and ITS are allowed to call MIS, teachers are NOT allowed to call MIS. ITS can request to MIS for access for non-classroom teachers to CM Tools.
---Go to ITS wikispace meeting for new ITS and there is a document that gives a list of what needs to be done before school starts.

- What to do if you get the "Todd LaPittus" call (Jeff): Now, you will get an email from Todd. This is when someone on your campus was accessing an inappropriate website and Todd sends you the login information and website link. Jeff created a form that he would fill out and disable the student's account, then talk to student. There are issues-wireless machines getting different IP addresses, student logins being used by others, etc.

- Working Lunch (provided by Michelle Rydell of Samsung, 11:30 -12:00
......Samsung Digital Presenter (i.e. document camera)
......Michelle Rydell
, Samsung
......Note: get demo unit from Jan
--- Document cameras can be used for Skyping too. Samsung will post on website what schools Skype.
--- Buttons on doc camera: Zoom (blue area is optical and red is digital), Freeze, Lamp (under warranty for 5 years) - LED light gives bluish tint, Small microphone built-in but can plug in external mike, AWB (Auto White Balance) button that will balance the color after you place something white underneath, Camera button to take a picture, Movie button to record (.avi files), Mode button - when pressed, it will tell you all the buttons on the Doc camera
--- Camera can be adjusted to view all different angles and can be recorded
--- SD Card slot on the side which will record all the pictures and movies, unless you plug in through USB and use software on computer
--- To get up-close view of things like TI calculator, meal worms, chick eggs, etc., lower the camera and zoom
--- Two ways to connect camera: 1) switcher through VGA-in and VGA-out and pressing button to go back and forth from computer to camera and 2) USB cable
--- New software does not work with older document camera models, need to install both versions.
--- Website: http://www.samcam860.com/ has lots of useful information and videos
--- New cameras (860s) software will be deployed, but older cameras (850s) will not be deployed.
--- All document cameras that were ordered at the end of 2009-2010 school year are the 860s.

(After Lunch)
- Network specialists
......Who to call: \\grab\stuff\Documentation\Who to call - Info Services help
......Grab/Stuff: has been modified and reorganized - please use it to share!
......MDF/IDF info: map of school with all the MDF and IDF rooms \\grab\stuff\Documentation\MDFs-IDFs
---Scheduled date for deleting student accounts and data is August 12 (after summer school ends)
---Schedule date(s) for transferring teacher data is August 2-5 (after summer school ends)
---Rename of ITS accounts: send Jennifer Adams an email with your (1) preferred account and (2) location where you want your data (h: drive) by MONDAY, AUGUST 2 - rename will take place before Tuesday, August 3.
---All campusadmin group will be cleaned up - no more supporting your old campuses!
......Active Directory:
---renaming users who changed names - right click on user in AD, "Rename", then type in new name, window will come up and copy and paste to Display Name box. You will have to manually go in and change their folder names. Go to Profile tab in Properties and tell where to go for new folder. Jennifer will create a cheat sheet in Documentation.
......Computer Description protocol: description of computers in AD: Campus Abbreviation-Rm# or Teacher Name-Model-T (for Teacher machine, if necessary) Ex. CVMS-Rm403-755 OR DWES-Cara Smith-D620-T (teachers with assigned laptops). Laptop models need the letter in the model (D620, E6400).
---Forcing users to change password: \\grab\stuf\Documentation\ActiveDirectory\Password Reset Force Change for Multiple Users.doc
......DHCP: most of our clients are set to get IPs on start up that is given by campus server, if you have or 169.254.x.x address-no IP, which means we're out of addresses or connection is lost with DHCP server. Laptops do not get IP from campus server, but get IP from district.
---BGInfo stamp will tell you the IP: not always accurate; at a command prompt, type ipconfig /all for current settings; Stamp will not be on Windows 7 machines...yet.
---Wireless: if you have any issues connecting wirelessly, fill out form at \\grab\stuff\Documentation\Wireless; WHS is only campus that still needs Aruba wireless; Administration building and Brushy Creek do not have wireless; send in all old access points to Brent
Network folders
......Shared Drive: CLEAN UP AT BEGINNING OF THE YEAR - only give access to appropriate members
......Use of Q drive: purpose = district-shared folders that need to share data across the district; if teachers/staff need to share data, email Jennifer and Carole to create a folder with the appropriate permissions; any questions or concerns with the Q drive need to be forwarded to Jennifer and Carole.
......Beginning of School procedures
......Carbon Copy v. Remote Desktop: Carbon Copy gives you remote access and the teacher who's computer you connect to can see what you're doing, Remote Desktop locks the teacher computer while you work on it.
......Imaging: 6 deployment servers (DS) on network; initial deploy - imaging a machine unknown to its DS, redeploy - imaging a machine known to its DS
---Steps to take:
1) NIC 1st in boot order in BIOS
2) Boot and F8 at the pause (30 seconds=initial, 3 seconds=redeploy
3) Make selection-depends on (1) OS and (2) initial deploy or redeploy
---Do not call unless you walk through steps on \\grab\stuff\Documentation\Printers
---View a printer spreadsheet (\\grab\stuff\printerconfig) to become familiar enough with it
......Netadmin procedures-Create a folder in your Netadmin folder (located on campus server 1) called "To be deleted"; put folders from Netadmin in it and get rid of as much as possible; Email Brent, Jennifer, and Carole so they can approve; and then move forward.
......Shared drive cleanup / reorganization
---Windows 2008 has been rolled out to several schools now. The rest will be upgraded little by little.
---Send Carole Rey AND Jennifer Adams an email 1) First and last name, 2) ID numbers (for passwords), and 3) Grade level when creating new students. It will take up to 2 days to create account.
- Jan's Group
......Remote Access
......Carbon Copy - \\grab\stuff\Tools\CarbonCopy ; not supported on Windows 7 at this time, but you can connect and then you have remote access to computer
......Software Installs - network software will be installed on server by Jennifer or Carole; Jan needs to be involved so her group can create deployment package for client; can push out software by OU or group, even if your computers are not all in the same OU, we can create a group and push it out