January 21, 2010: Monthly ITS Meeting
absent: Robert Heard, Brandie Cain-Heard, Doriane Marvel, Shannon Sieber, Summer Neary, Henry Vasquez


· Robert’s birthday
· April (RRHS) is pregnant – due July 15
· Viki Johnson and Debby Acevedo have new grandbabies
· Anderson Mill got $5000 grant for data logging equipment.

- Lotus Notes update (Jerry Gutierrez)

email Lotus issues to Lotus Support@roundrockisd.org (not Jerry Gutierrez) as two people are now working on Lotus.

Go to User Management -> My Requests to make Lotus requests for new user, rename user, substitute, recertify user, delete user.

· New user accounts
Use the forms. EID number helps to differentiate users.

· Substitute accounts
New substitute request form – use this for long-term subs who get email!
Include length of sub assignment.
Subs will only have web mail – they should use the on-campus link to check email.
For current long-term subs – go back and update requests to indicate which new folks were indeed substitutes.

· My Requests
- to delete users
- to change names

Same basic formats for deleting users – fill out, including EID

Recertifying users – users get 60 days’ warning to re-certify IDs; users will see a message.

- Jan Pence: Update

New employee at Tech Center:
Kim Widfeldt ext 5167 – took Carol Vandermeer’s old position – although responsibilities are still being defined. Call her if you can’t locate Ed/Jan/Dan etc. Kim was administrative assistant with curriculum department.

Projectors/Doc Cameras:

All campuses are finished now. Report issues to Jan or to Tech Ops – include info about install date (i.e., new install since Fall 2010 or old Promethean install)

If you don’t have doc cameras on your campus, contact Jan immediately!!

Cafeteria projectors:

Jan is pricing installation of projectors in cafeterias right now; goal is to do a rear projection motorized screen. If possible, the projector will be dropped from the ceiling at the back of the stage. Sound will be tied into the cafeteria sound system. Connection plate will be on the data drop side of the stage.

Campus refreshes:
Westwood, Round Rock, Union Hill, ?one more – campus refreshes this spring, although Jan is worried about finishing this up with all of the work her department is doing.
Refresh some sort of lab (didn’t catch name) (Hernandez, Grisham) labs will get 1 Precision desktop, 26 Precision laptops. One campus gets a plotter. Current PCs go away because they don’t run the software – talk to Justin to see about what could be kept.
One to One Initiatives: four quadrants of use

· District-owned used at school (currently in place)
· District-owned used at home (currently in place)
· Non-district owned used at school (BYOT – bring your own technology; guest access)
· Non-district owned used at home (not RRISD problem)
What happens with school devices used at home on personal networks? RRISD is responsible for what sites are accessed with district equipment. Filters needed – FortNet has a product that will allow set up of access rules that are identical to school rules. Devices will be synced daily at login to match new rules that are set up.
File access
District will have to set up some sort of “cloud” to handle this. Being investigated . . .
BYOT to school – not working on this right now, except guest access to wireless network.

- High School Technology Initiative (MaryJo and Jeff)

Mary Jo notified ITSs that the netbook initiative was put on hold as of Jan. 25, 2011 – so all info about it below is moot.
Volunteers for Feb. 12th distribution
Parent meeting – Tuesday, Feb. 8 – required parent meeting for RRHS freshmen; must sign form in order to get netbook.Attendees will get some sort of “Fast Pass” so they can just get their netbooks on Feb. 12. Follow-up meeting on Feb. 15 for anyone who missed the parent meeting.
FAQ needs editing before being posted – Carol and Debby volunteered.
Student/Parent Form also needs proofing.
Netbook Guide needs proofing, too.
Saturday, Feb. 12 – ITS volunteers (wear instructional technology shirts) needed to help with the distribution of netbooks to ~808 RRHS freshmen. Mary Jo especially wants all HS ITS to come and see the netbook room setup and experience the expectations. April and Daniel are working on solution for students who want to bring their own equipment instead of using RRISD netbook. CompuTrace by Absolut has been activated on these netbooks to recover them if they go missing.
SchoolDune is method that will be used for checkout, because it tracks repairs.are
Cases labeled with student ID; netbooks marked with labels.
Netbooks are locked to person with first login, so district will know who has them.
Netbooks are not PRINTING – except for 10 cents per page in the school library.
Small room is set up for distribution/repairs. Logistics still being worked out for repairs/loaners. Staffing is still being considered – at least before/after school and lunches. Support role of ITS in netbook initiative will hopefully be limited.
At end of school year – all netbooks must be returned. If not returned by day after last day of school, CompuTrace shuts down netbook and it is considered stolen. Netbooks will be re-imaged over the summer.
Dr. Chavez sees the one-to-one initiative as a necessity, despite RRISD budget woes. They are being paid for out of regular budget funds, NOT bond funds or technology funds. The plan is hopefully to implement this with all RRISD freshmen students in Fall 2011.
RRHS freshman teachers are getting training in teaching digital natives so these netbooks can be used effectively. Intructional coaches are doing this training. Teachers are also being re-trained in Moodle because only 1 teacher was using it.

- Current Budget Discussions (MaryJo)
Current RRISD shortfall is projected at $28 million; one recommendation is to reduce spending by $18 million and use $10 million from “rainy day” fund.
Look over House Bill 1 budget proposals – major issues for tech, including elimination of all 411 technology funds.
Project Share is currently NOT on the cut list, as it is considered a way to consolidate and save funds in other areas.
RRISD is accepting input from stakeholders, including the DAC committee. Vernon reports that at the January DAC, most groups wanted to “protect” ITSs and technology.
Mary Jo shared the principals’ suggestions, and ITS showed up on both the “protect” and the “eliminate/reduce” lists.
6% staff / 8 % budget reduction is what everyone in RRISD is being asked for.
Our staffing code is 905 - libraries, tech, other
Upper admin. is looking at suggestions/recommendations that groups have submitted (elementary principals, secondary principals, the 905 group leaders)
Mary Jo submitted these reductions:

· 5-day reduction in ITS extra days
· 10-day reduction in ITS extra days
· Reduce .5 ITS
· Reduce 1.0 ITS
· Reduce 1.5 ITS
She pointed out that ITS will already be reduced by 7 positions, because they were funded by stimulus funds.
Decisions must be made by contract distribution time in March. (Dr. Chavez’ email on Jan. 25, 2011 said decisions would be made by late April.)
Austin ISD is cutting fine arts positions and 1/3 of librarians – in news this morning.
February 8 – budget discussion meeting at TCEA.

- Getting I.T. Right! Blog Celebrations (Robert)
Robert says promote your campus technology initiatives for the Getting I.T. Right! Blog!
Help share successes. Provide images to share. Promote yourself!

- Accomplishments Table Discussions (MaryJo)
This must be turned in on Monday, Jan. 24. Accomplishments must be based on the 2010-11 RRISD goals.
20-minute discussion about accomplishments. Each table must submit one form. Individual ITS can also submit form for their campuses if desired. Blank form in grabstuff -> Documentation -> Accomplishments

- Campus Hardware and Software Inventories

Mary Jo submitted hardware equity plan back in July, but no action has been taken. Mary Jo asked for this data so she can continue to evaluation equity among various campuses.
Software documentation – Look at Union Hill example in Documentation -> Inventory. Mary Jo wants each campus to have some sort of list by ITS evaluation time in April/May 2011.

- Resetting Passwords Hurdles and Recommendations: Discussion (MaryJo)
This item was not discussed.

- Telpas (MaryJo)
Minimum equipment 745 or higher desktop, 630 or higher laptop, 2110 (NOT 2100) netbook
· Test Window: March 7 - April 8th
· OU's on google.doc (https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Aqb58Y56qXfAdFhjbEgwWVp5VXR4UjNSclZMV3JmN2c&hl=en&authkey=COjFp8EG S\
TELPAS must be cached this year; Steve Burpee will be getting info to us about this.

- Epsilen Reports/Updates on Google.Doc

Document Epsilen/Project Share training provided by you to your campuses on the Google doc. TEA is planning to use Project Share for professional development, so eventually this will be very important.

- Fitnessgram (MaryJo)
Steve Burpee needs a volunteer for installing the upgrade on Fitnessgram machines. Robert Alford and Donna are going to check the push-out install. There could be a Java issue.

- CyberSafety

//https://rrisd-teacherguides.wikispaces.com/Cyber-Safety// (MaryJo)
By law, we have to offer CyberSafety training. Show your teachers where the lessons are and encourage them to participate.

Folder in Q drive – every district teacher has read-only access to this information.

-Turning Points
After survey in the fall, technology purchased new Turning Points for several schools that asked. OldTturning Point sets must be returned! Mary Jo has to get a copy of the Turning Point POs.

Let Jeff U. know if you have a teacher who wants to become a “SMART” teacher. It is a significant time commitment. Luis (from Smart Technologies) will set up webinars and help them with their training. That is all the information for right now.

Discussions are being conducted about which format to purchase/use, including Nooks / Kindles. (Nooks are for personal use only, so it will probably NOT be Nooks.)

Do NOT purchase until a decision has been made about standardization. Ones already purchased must be returned. Librarians have been notified.

-Solo Software
For right now, just install it manually. Steve does not have time to do a package right now, with TELPAS coming up.

- TMSDS for All Middle Schools, Canyon Creek (Jeff)
· In preparation for MSTAR test
o - Add any new students to system
o - Teachers arrange students into classes so that they can see the results
o - Distribute student usernames and passwords to teachers
o - Get the test code for students (will be available on the TMSDS website right before the window opens)
o - Provide Math chart sheets for appropriate grade level
· Testing Window January 7th - February 4th
· Day of Test: The kids login and enter the test code to begin the test. They can use scratch paper but cannot use calculators
· After the Test: submit the results

-MFP Update
(Jeff subbing for ...Dee Carney, Lora Darden, Debbie Lewis, Pam Scarborough who will rescheduled for March
5-answer choices will be added (primarily for PreAP/AP forms)
Add other forms A-B-C-D ?

- Social Media Campus Presentation (Susan Highfield)
Time did not allow Susan to share this; it will be on the March agenda.

- Toon Doo demo (Julie Chreste)
Time did not allow Julie to share this; it will be on the March agenda.

- Convert Video Software - http://formatoz.com/index.html (Greg)
If you need help, talk to Greg about this.

- STaR Chart for new ITS and any others who want an update (Jeff)

We'll cover this before we break for lunch

Deadline to complete STaR Chart is March 31.