September 18, 2009: Monthly ITS Meeting (Includes afternoon agenda for New ITSs)

absent: Charlotte Hanna,

Morning Agenda for All ITSs (8:00 - 1:00) (Bold = Primary Presenter):
- Visit and snacks (8:00 - 8:30)
- Celebrations (MJ)
Manuel Herrera new ITS sped
Carol Edwards found computer in ac unit on roof!
Jen Freeman named Stallion Star at her campus
Congrats to new ITS for being off to a great start
Angie and Nicole - Adaptive PE started a blog

- Curriculum / ARRC Update / Assessment Calendar - (Suzanne Burke)-
Handouts from Suzanne

Elementary Assessment Calendar
Secondary Assessment Calendar
Newly adopted ELA/Reading TEKs
New Science Teks for next year 6-7 will miss chunk of objectives so it’s vital to use arrc to ensure objectives are taught
assessment calendar for elementary and secondary
At a Glance maps on posted on public site, Recommended Instructional Timeline are in CM tools
Check out to find….
  • What’s New
  • Benchmark Manual
  • Assessment Calendars
  • Lesson Plan Templates and 5E Design Overview
  • At a Glance Maps-yearly snap shots
  • Submit ARRC Feedback- submit suggestions to improve ARRC
  • Contacts
In ARRC-Field Investigation included for elementary
TAKS is going away and End of Years Course Exams are coming in 2011-2012 – Teaching must follow ARRC not textbook!

- SpEd Solo Software preview - (Viki Johnson and Solo Representative)
Don Johnson product for everyone-Solo program bob Kelly Ed support specialist- rep and trish with sales
Text Reader-ReadOutLoud can read anything off the web, scanned or electrically created
Tutorials for teachers to get them able to use in about 30 minutes. provides some books and texts for students with disabilities- all districts has a subscription
Solo Sortware-reads speech, allows students to highlight important ideas to build an outline and create a map
Looks awesome
Take home rights included
Will be pushed out soon

- IS/MIS updates - (Jan Hopkins)
Copyright-Be very aware of copyright issues.
Finale-copyright violation -2 teachers using single license software resulted in email to Carlyn Gray. Could have resulted in lawsuit.
Altiris takes place of ghost, does inventory of software, eventually will take inventory of software
Thanks for sending deployment requests thru Jan
New Tech Center will be moving in Oct 12th, Jan’s Dan’s and maybe Ed’s group will move in first. Everyone will be in after Christmas,
Refreshes scheduled thru November.

- Creating a Positive Attitude at Work - (Vickie Bradford)
PPT from Vicki on Fish
Attitude, Play, Consideration, Be Present

- Preparing for your end-of-year evaluation - (Carol Edwards)
Evaluation Plan found on ITS Wiki
Start collection documentation early
Create an evaluation folder with subtopics from list and start filling with supporting docs
Keep copies of everything you are involved in that relate to the evaluations, include student lesson examples, budget, leadership, trainings, grants, TA TEKS,

- Your relationship with your campus administrators - (Kent Temple)
Tell principal…”I’m just going to take a moment of your time”
Be in communication loop, attend or get notes from leadership meetings, debrief with principal
Include principal in emails

- Read 180 Updates and Announcements (MS and HS) - (Rose Fiduk)
Read 180 deployment has begun Will get with Jennifer for upload of students/teachers all software should be up by Wed or Thursday
Username for student- campusname, lastname, first initial (same as Active Directory) and password-6 digit id number
Plan on using the same username for teacher. Teachers can set own password.
4 icons on student desktop, 5 icons on teacher desktops,
CD’s not needed, no software to load
Goal date September 28th
New sped machines will come loaded with Read 180
SRI window Sept 28 til Oct 3-4 might need to open window a bit longer.

- HS Splits from main meeting - (Thanks for the notes, Jeff!)
All survey requests need to be approved by principal
Make sure you know who test administrator is on your campus
Secure labs
Install Test Nav prior to EOC

- TA-TEKS Task Force Reports (MS and ES) - (Robert Autrey)
Elementary (Charlotte Hanna / Autrey)
MJ and Robert met with Principals and presented info
They know we will provide $ for subs for training
Teachers from across the district were involved in the creation of assured experiences
black indicated teks that level is responsible for –green is a year up rrisd-techintegration wiki
3,4,5 have sample lessons
k-2 Level 3 of k report card

- Secondary - (Robin Young / MJ)
MS teachers are working on lessons ( see plan) All teachers will take 8th Grade Lit Test All MS ITS are mapped to RMS shared drive will house current lessons.
2012 we will test all 4th 8th and 12th. 8th will be a part of AYP. New standards are being made
Connected Tech can’t currently add new teachers but working on it
Envisions still working on uploads
- (HS) End-of-course, CTE (Alford)

All is the same as last year other than name changed and all last year info was deleted
All (teachers) usernames-email address
ITS’s are campus admins for TMSDS

Not ready yet

Webcam wiki great wiki by Lindsay Jones and Robert Heard from Cactus Ranch
Wiki includes info on CILC webconferencing classes, Skype

Digital Storytelling with the flipcam
Directions using MovieMaker are included on blg but you can just use the flipshare software for a quick production

Passed out webcam flipcams to ITS's that hadn't already received one from the summer professional development.

Morning Take-aways:
1. HS - Oct EOC plan

Afternoon Agenda for new ITSs (2 pm - 4:30 pm)
New ITS..... we are going to ask you to come back after lunch to
- Review with us any questions, problems, etc. that you have had and to give us feedback on how we can do better next year in preparing new ITS's for this job.
- - - - - Was Helpful
- - - - - - - - - - Mentor = most helpful Keep assigned.
- - - - - - - - - - Extra days at beginning = glad it was there
- - - - - - - - - - Task sheet for items to get done was good.
- - - - - Would have been helpful
- - - - - - - - - - Need "individual" campus how-to's (Nakisha will share what she has created for her campus)
- - - - - - - - - - Resources brought together into fewer locations (too many places to find things)
- - - - - - - - - - Need to know "who are the experts" to call
- - - - - - - - - - Need base of knowledge at first, but more training time from MIS after year has begun
- - - - - - - - - - Plan training to more closely to right before it is needed. (example Gradespeed to beginning of first week teachers back)
- - - - - - - - - - Active Directory introduction to new ITS's needs to also include (overlap) beginning of what was covered for all ITS's
- - - - - - - - - - Need to let know what to wear immediately
- - - - - - - - - - Additional ITS meeting before first all ITS meeting

- Professional Development sub reimbursement funds and clarification of those procedures
Some campuses are already using the funds and submitting their AFD's. Any questions, call Alford for MS and Autrey for Elementary.

- AUP: "What are some of the legal discussions we should be having with teachers? I know what (old district) policies on using student names in emails, sending confidential files through email, and other things like that, but I don't know exactly where RRISD stands. The AUP didn't go into enough depth on these issues.)

Response: At this time there are no rules against using student names in district email. Confidential files should not be sent through district email without security in place. (i.e. encryption, password protected, etc.)

Active Directory: "More training on Active Directory. I feel like I understand the basics of it, but not how it can be used effectively. For example, there are sub-groups with the school for behavior issues who would like shared space that is only accessible by those staff members (our STEPS committee). Can AD be used for this purpose? I would like for someone to have gone back over the Nomads group. I can use it, but don't really understand it fully."

Response: Creating a folder on the shared drive that has permissions set for access by defined users is the way to go for sharing files. The Nomads group is for those individuals who have laptops and work on multiple campuses so they can print.

Role of ITS: "I feel like I don't understand our IT role nearly as well as I would like to. I have read about re-imaging and I know that one of the IT gentlemen told me that I could do it, but I have NO idea how to find it! I'm not sure what I should be trying to trouble-shoot myself and what I should be turning in."

Response: Don't worry about reimaging a computer until much later in the year. Get your mentor or Autrey or Alford to help out with this.

Who to call: Jan gave a list of who to call.
Administrator rights..... Dan Scott's group
Licensing issues......... Photoshop, etc. -
------- if there is historically good documentation, then look there. If there is not, then make sure you begin the documentation process (file folders with po's, licenses, and where software is loaded. Check with Jan. Each high school has a site license of Creative Suite 3 (but unsure of which version); remember CTE has bought software and licenses, PTA has bought items, ITS has bought software and licenses; Every high school has Geometer Sketchpad (unsure of which version);
Purchasing.....Jan manages all purchasing... quotes from Dell, cameras, etc.
Aruba guests.... guests are allowed to use personal equipment on our guest wireless, but we should not try to "fix" their equipment.
Why have standards..... cost of ownership; in order to support 18000-20000 devices, there must be standards. We can support Dells, HP printers, etc. We can keep cost of ownership down only if we comply with standards.
Old Equipment....should go away.
Additional staff.... replacement staff should get the equipment that previous teacher was using; new additional positions should get a new computer; In June/Aug Jan should be notified of new allocations on a campus
Refresh... Jan makes a list of SpEd questions for Viki Johnson. Viki determines who getswhat. Computer for an instructional area vs. a computer per staff member. P.E. teachers / floating teachers sometimes share a computer. Over time more staff members have their own computer, but they should not have 2. Paraprofessionals shares with teacher or uses computers in library or uses student machine.
3Com 8 port switch: These should be purchased with permission and quote from Jan. We know that there are current issues that need to be solved.
Network cables in the ceiling: not allowed, this is against fire code.
Ink: You can buy campus ink with T-funds.
Budget: 6395 - technology over $1000. Inventory tags and tracked (included computers and data projectors of all costs); 6397 and/or 6399 - cameras; If confused call Jan. When possible, let item be barcoded and checked out through library.
Sped vs Refresh computer purchases: Classroom Special Ed bought through refresh. "Special" Special Ed bought through SPED funds

- If you knew then what you know now, would you have still applied for the ITS job?

Response from group: YES!

Future training suggestions:
Expression Web, Collaborative Environments, Photoshop, Camtasia, Airliners,