November 20, 2009: Monthly ITS Meeting (Includes afternoon Smart Training)

absent: Brian Weaver, Melanie Boecking, Nicole Ortega (???),

Morning Agenda for All ITSs (8:00 - 1:00) (Bold = Primary Presenter):

- Visit and snacks (8:00 - 8:30) - Mmmm....delicious donuts, hot coffee, fresh fruit, and homemade cookies.

- Celebrations (MJ) - High school department has been praising the ITS. Thanks to Manuel and Corri for training campus on Inspire. Manuel's birthday today (happy birthday was sang in English and Espanol). Erin and a fifth grade teacher assisted the International Baccalaureate in creating a video with UNICEF information that got the Mayor's attention with her video which was posted on the Anderson Mill website and on TeacherTube. A few schools did well with the Lego Tournament. Trudy Marshall has been working with Libraries of Love for numerous years and she showed a video last night at a meeting.

- Jan and Ed updates - N/A

- Afternoon Smart Training (MJ) - If you are a title-one campus with Promethean you do not need to attend this training.

- Shirt update (Mark) - Mark got the ITS T-Shirts in and told us that the shirts are not refundable and if you need a different size or want to sell yours, you can post it on the wiki.

- Traduceloahora (MJ and Erin) - If you want and account to use Traduceloahorafor English-Spanish translation of websites and e-mails please e-mail MaryJo we have as many licenses as we need for RRISD.

- update (MJ) - We just got the license for K-8.

- Textbook Adoption (MJ) - There is a language arts book adoption going on. We have said that the technology portion of this needs to be all online (NO CDS). Depending on how this shapes out, we could be looking at purchasing hardware with money that is saved.

- TeacherWeb (Alford) - There are a ton of teacherweb accounts that need to be deleted. We have over 200 teacherwebs that are not being used within our district. Some teachers are setting up multiple accounts. Please check your teacher accounts and e-mail Drew Ray from TeacherWeb with the URLs accounts you need deleted. You can find out when the TeacherWeb account was last updated as well with a link they set up for our district.

- Diigo introduction, use for posting ITS shared links/tools, and teacher tool (Alford) - Diigo is a great website for bookmarking, highlighting, and commenting on websites. Teachers can set up student accounts in which they can bookmark the websites instead of having them search the internet. They can have them focus on particular resources. You do have to download the Diigo toolbar to use it. You can take a snapshot of pages.

- Storybird (Vernon and Corri) - Storybird is a storytelling website. You might want to create an account because if you try to save a story, we don't know exactly where it saves it yet. There is no real-time chat feature, so they cannot be chatting with each other this whole time. Depending on the security features you set-up for the account, you can make the stories of the account totally public, invite people to share stories, or private. You can collaborate on stories. There is no spell-checking features, so you might want to encourage the teachers to read the stories before they share them with their class. If the user is under 13, you can set up an account where the "parent" has to approve the story before it is made public.

- Active Directory (Brent, Jennifer, Carole) (10:00 - 11:00) - Important Groups: The assessment group is where you can add users who need access to the "Q:Drive". DO NOT JUST ADD YOUR TEACHER GROUPS BECAUSE THERE MIGHT BE PEOPLE THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THAT FOLDER (i.e. - parents, paraprofessionals). The Nomads group will give people access the the shared drive and the printers. The no-internet use group will not be allowed internet access. OUs (Organizational Unit): Computers can only belong to one OU. It allows them to pick up printing policies and get software installed. Folder Permissions: Try not to alter these permissions on the folders because they have worked on getting these folder permissions correct. If you need to edit folder permissions, the best way to do that is to remote into your server.

- TA-TEKS Model Lessons (Robert) - The RRISD Tech Lessons are in the AARC. You will find a technology integration folder in each subject area. You can also find information on the technology integration wiki. Charlotte sorted a listof the lessons that have been created which should be updated as lessons are created in each grade level. Please keep in mind that this is a starting point and lessons have mistakes that might need to be altered and updated.

- Middle School ITS - 6th Grade Technology Test (MJ and Alford) -

Afternoon Agenda for Optional Smart Training (1:30 - 3:30)
- Luis Morales from Smart to conduct professional development
- Register: 2009/11/20 - EdTech - Smart Training for ITS (2990.15272)