July 28th

Morning (8:00 - 1:00) Agenda for Monthly Meeting of all ITSs (Bold = Primary Presenter):
- Visit and snacks (Title One ITSs see Autrey)
- Celebrations and New ITS introductions (MJ)
- Ed Zaiontz updates
handout - IS Org chart, Lotus Notes update, Blackberry server/no iPhone support
Projects: telephone upgrade | Cisco EQ upgrade to 4500-replacement of 4006-take all campuses to 10G, wireless Lan upgrade (not upgraded Deerpark, PondSprings, Old Town, LiveOak, Hopewell, McNeil, Chisholm, Cedar Valley - coming soon; Grisham; by November.... SPHS, RROC, WHS, RRHS) | Active Directory at Admin and Brushy Creek complex | Technology Center move in Oct. 9 | Construction - no new buildings, all on schedule - except WHS, SPHS new addition, RROC new addition, RRHS Phase 1; Summer 2010 - Cedar Ridge and Stone Oak opening, SP9 - new middle school | Mounting projectors - moving forward with Promethean Title 1 Bilingual campus Stimulus funds and Intelligent Classrooms; Stimulus funds - Scholastic Read 180, Review 360 - behavioral specialists,
- Jan Hopkins
handout - who to call with org chart functions, phones, email, and preferences; for Jan's group - please call Jan and do not call her support staff directly; Altiris vs. Ghost - pushing out images/big changes; additional staff for new staff (not replacement staff) - email Jan as quickly as possible; refresh - RROC, CaVista, Deerpark, Ridgeview, Berkaman, Forest North, Caraway, Laurel Mountain, Pond Springs, Great Oaks, Cactus Ranch, Blackland - set a date to meet with Jan ASAP; New Schools - let Jan know if you need to go room by room, if you need anything imaged, please let Jan know
- Gradespeed update (Pam Braun)
See teacher Guides; K-2 no categories or number grades, Access Central - basic, advanced and new net 4.0 manuals, you MUST train your teachers - they should not contact MIS for training; there is a server IP address for each level, - ES, MS, HS; must sign on with appropriate URL, access from home - must use correct URL, best friend in dealing with teachers is REGISTRAR/check with registrar before calling 5142; substitute teachers should get an assigned login from Requests_MIS, 5142 is the only for ITS use, GS Monitor - for access send info to Requests_MIS, Training Account at Training ISD... click in as teacher, first time login - will have to reset password--CampusWare's training base, WWLCview, RRLCview, password is twoby2 - for new teachers who do not have accounts... access only from campus, edit PROFILE is critical - add password and email | new StuPlus - registrars should check email, very important to delete icon including one in task tray, temp password is 6 digit employee number, black screen when downloading GDC, no reaction when you type.... stays black | printer issues | admin staff can call 5142 | move to pdf over printer cues | no schedules or grades in Home Access until after Labor Day;
- Active Directory Review and Update (Jennifer Adams, Carole Rey, Brent Engelhardt)
all documents in
\\grab\stuff\Tech_Packages\_ITS_ONLY\Documentation\Wireless Troubleshooting Flowchart.pdf
Handouts from Jennifer Adams: When User Logs On, Printer diagram, OU wmas printer list, Remote access, Use Remote Desktop To, Basic Overview-Acitve Directory, Groups, Permisions Diagram, Campus Server Names, Aruba Wireless Communication diagram, All Users Are Required to Change Their Password, Wireless Trouble Shooting flowchartm- to be sent out by Brent,
why remote in - to clear print jobs, manage all printers through the server
Notes: do not add printer manually
Printers - how to clear cues and check errors, how to print who has printed what on your campus
Arube Wireless - guest access issues
New users at beginning of school - Jennifer and Carole will send you info on this. You are responsible for deleting accounts and folders. Jennifer and Carole will send out instructions..... Kids going from 2nd to 3rd will have (2012), sort by description, select all 2012 kids, right click ...properties, account tab, check 3rd box on left, leave 3rd block on right empty, students are limited to 2 G, staff to 4 G,
Transfers of staff between campuses.... create an account at new campus... call Carole/Jennifer and they will copy over data from previous campus and delete account at old campus
Backup - Avamar - every night campus servers back up differences.... when Carole can restore or let you know if data was "ever" there.
Software deployment - requests should go through Jan Hopkins
Server installment - do NOT install any software on servers
Shared folders - you must restrict permissions to folders within the shared drive; check that permissions are correct;

- RtI update / Read 180 / Review 360 (MJ)
MaryJo, Alford, and Viki will meet with SpEd ITS week of Aug. 4
- Special Education stimulus funds update / SpEd ITS responsibilities (MJ)
demonstrated new Google doc for documenting time
- Break/Who Wants to be Geek (Angie/Debby)
Will upload game to ?????
- Sub reimbursement (Autrey/Alford)
- August 19th (See doc below - Elementary pay special attention to LA TEKS training schedule and items needed) (Autrey)
- TA-TEKS Task Force (Autrey/Charlotte)
- Curriculum work from summer (CDs for "workers") (Autrey)
- Diversity Training – you must attend your campus diversity training (sign in on eCampus) (MJ)
- Updates on Fitnessgram, Connected Tech, TMSDS, Moodle, etc. (MJ)
- Department shirts (optional purchase) (MJ)
- Load flash drive on campus leadership computer, check projector, (wear tshirt when you come to lunch and to pick up your EQ on Thursday (MJ)
- Future meeting dates and Refreshment sign-up (MJ)
- - - - - Absences for the week of July 27:
- - - - - - Mark Kania (July 27, 28, 29, 30)
- - - - - - Linda Nichols and Rose Fiduk (July 28-30)
- - - - - - Amanda Allen (July 27, 28, 29, 30 )
- - - - - - Kent Temple - July 28 meeting representing district at Weather meeting
- - - - - - Anita Oliver (Blackland), Rosa York (Wells Branch/Chisholm), and New McNeil ITS will start Aug 4. after new employee orientation

Afternoon Agenda for new ITSs (TBA during morning meeting))
- Where do I find what (MJ)
- - - - CMT (Login from campus: http://grddev/cm/login.aspx)
- - - - Teacher Guides (https://rrisd-teacherguides.wikispaces.com/)
- - - - ITS Wiki (http://rrisd-its.wikispaces.com/)
- - - - Network folders (as demonstrated by Jennifer Adams)
- Gradespeed / Home Access Center (Alford)
- Acceptable Use Policy (MJ)
- TeacherWeb (Alford)
- Training new staff on campus (all)
- Return to campus

Note to Elementary for August 19th:
- Data projectors
- Laptops with DVDs
- Speakers
- Document Camera (Although not all campuses have document cameras, please try to make this happen!)
- A "fair sized" projection screen
- Microphones so large group can hear