April 9, 2010: Monthly ITS Meeting

(Note: there will be both morning and afternoon meetings)

absent: Mike Bergeron

Morning Agenda for All ITSs (8:00 - 1:00) (Bold = Primary Presenter):
- Visit and snacks (8:00 - 8:30)
- Celebrations (MJ)
- Teacher Portal and the Teacher Portal Service Request forms (Marcela Baxter and Vicki SantaAna) (8:40 - 9:10)
- Lexmark Assessment Solutions (Dee Carney) (9:10 - 9:45)
- Jan and Ed updates:
......Document cameras, 260's,
- Groups etc. (Jennifer Adams, et al) (10:15 - 10:45)
- FYI: Moodle 7th grade Algebra End of Course practice test and afternoon training (MJ)
- Announcements:
.....Evaluations (MJ)
.....Update on traduceloahora (several email questions after sending email update)
.....learning.com / EasyTech summer workshop http://www.learning.com/txworkshops/index.htm (MJ)
.....Robotics Showcase - May 11 (invitations, agenda, videos, signs and tables, publicity, certificates) (MJ)
.....STaR Chart (MJ)
.....Summer Professional Development --- DRAFT DOCUMENT updated 4/11/10 = (MJ)
.....ActivExpressions / ActiVotes "swap" (Further discussion at April 16th Title One ITS meeting) (Autrey)
.....Need Items for district Getting I.T. Right Showcase blog http://rrisdinsttech.edublogs.org/ (Autrey)
- "Grass-Roots" Discussion Question (i.e. requested by one or more ITSs):
....."What is our role? What do you do when teachers use technology, but not really in a best practice way?" (Erin)
- Understanding Math (Secondary only) (Alford)
- End of course exam (Secondary only) (Alford and MJ)

Afternoon Agenda for Middle School ITSs and Middle School SpEd ITSs (1:30 - 2:30):
- Moodle End of Course Practice Exams and End of Course Exams for 7th Grade Algebra (MJ and Alford)