Round Rock ISD Robotics

Area Contests or Participatory Events (2009)
First Lego League
Central Texas First Lego League
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Robotics - Getting Started!

Order Information:
Orders should all go through: Betty Justice, LEGO Education, 800.350.8035 Plano, TX
Betty Justice will give us a 10% discount.Direct orders from the Lego Education website will not be discounted.
To order a catalog 800.362.4308.

In order to get started, a teacher will need:
1. LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT Base Set - LM979797 - $279.95
2. Education Resource Set - LM979648 - $79.95
3. LEGO Mindstorms Educations NXT Software 2.0 (for 1 computer) LM900080 - $79.95

There are Base Set Value Packs for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 (p. 17 in 2009 catalog or on the LEGO Education website)
and Resource Set Packs (page 23 in 2009 catalog or on the LEGO Education website)

New "updated" software:LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT Software 2.0 and Site License - LM991515 - $339.95
If you have a site license for version 1 or 1.1, then you can purchase the 2.0 cd and load it on all of your machines.

Professional Development
  • The University of Texas offers a dTeach program every summer. Check back here as summer approaches to find out dates or other information about the dTeach program.
  • RRISD will offer a one day refresher course for Teachers attending First Lego League in 2011

Robotics Curriculum

Campus Initiatives

Robotics campus information and campus initiatives
Published on April 5 2011 3:34 PM CST

Participated in 2009 FLL:
E.S. - Gattis, Great Oaks, Caraway, Bluebonnet, Forest Creek
M. S. - Grisham, Hopewell, Cedar Valley, Walsh, Ridgeview, CD Fulkes

Participated in 2009 TCEA:
E. S. - Cactus Ranch

Participating in 2009 FIRST
H. S. - Westwood, Round Rock

UT Science in Space 2009 spring project
M.S . - Chisholm, Grisham
H.S. - Stony Point

Participated in 2010-2011 FLL:
E.S.- Gattis, Cactus Ranch, Forest Creek, Spicewood, Caraway, Jollyville, Bluebonnet, Purple Sage, Laurel Mountain
M.S.-Deerpark, Walsh, Grisham, CD Fulkes, Canyon Vista

Other Robotics Programs in the District
E.S. Chandler Oaks, Forest North, Brushy Creek, Great Oaks, Old Town, Callison, Caldwell Heights, Canyon Creek, Sommer, Pond Springs, Deepwood
M.S. Ridgeview, Hernandez, Cedar Valley

1. Is one contest better than another for beginners? I do not have much experience with the TCEA contest but I do think that it is not as stressful. The timeline is longer. The FLL contest is very difficult because you only have a limited amount of time to prepare. They announce the missions and research project in September and the first preliminary contest is mid November. Unless you are meeting twice a week, it is extremely difficult to get your team in shape.

2. What is the minimum amount need to start?
First of all you have to have a dedicated teacher/ITS/parent/other. Without that ingredient you are deemed to failure. You cannot make someone want to do this. One kit for a teacher is a good start. For an FLL team you would need at least 1 kit per 4 students. Also, there are additional FLL entry fees and kits that are not indicated above. Look at the FLL website to learn more about the FLL kits. Once a team begins working on a robot, no one else can use those parts. Therefore, you can't use the same kits with different groups. For a classroom of 22-26, I recommend that you start with the 8 pack and the site license which comes with it.

3. How many kits do most schools have?
If the schools have already participated in FLL, they probably have 8. If they are beginners to the robotics initiative, they have between 2 and 5.

4. Do most of the schools have the site license?
Probably not. I highly recommend the site license.

5. Is there any other funding source for robotics?
Some of the campus PTA's have been extremely generous with funding kits at Great Oaks and Cactus Ranch. I recommend that you work with your PTA if they have a generous budget. Instructional Technology has funded kits for middle schools, and also the registrations for FLL for many elementary and middle school teams. As long as math and science are part of the district goals, Instructional Technology will continue to support robotics initiatives.