Thank you John Powell for the great day of Photoshop Learning.
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Here is a text file from one of my classes

Keyboard Shortcuts
CTRL + will zoom in
CTRL - will zoom out
CTRL 0 will fill page

TAB will clear toolbar and palattes
F will cycle through different screen views

F7 will bring up the Layers Palatte

To deselect press CTRL D

To save a file as a JPEG, you must flatten your image first. Under the Layer command on your file menu. JPEGs are used for webpages, and sometimes print material.

CTRL Z will back up one step
CTRL ALT Z will back up multiple steps

Holding the ALT key while the MOVE tool is selected will copy your selection

CTRL S will save your file

Holding CTRL and clicking on a layer will select whatever is in that layer

Steps to smoke

1. fill canvas with black
2. write a simple word in white
3. rotate canvas 90 CW Go to Image-Adjustments-Roate Canvas
4. Go to Filter, Stylize, Wind, change direction to come from the left, Method Wind
5. Repeat Wind Filter CTRL F
6. Rotate canvas back 90 CCW
7. Apply Gaussian Blur Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur
8. Filter-Liquify-blend to make look like smoke

Steps for Fire

1. Make smoke
2. Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation Check colorize box, raise Hue to 40 and Saturation to 100
3. Make a copy of the layer
4. Image-Adjustment-Hue/Saturation ( ctrl U )-20 on the hue
5. Change layer mode to Color Dodge
6. Merge layers CTRL E

Steps for electricity
1. Black background
2. White stripes
3. Filter-Distort-Polar Co-ordinates rectangle to polar
3a. Set colors back to default by pressing D
4. Filter-Render- Differnce Clouds
5. Invert Image CTRL I
6. Hue/Saturation Adjustment CTRL U
7. Check the colorize box, change Hue to 200 and saturation to 100
8. Make a circle selection in the middle of your lightning
9. Fill in with a gradient that starts with blue and fades to black
10 add a layer mask, and use black and white brushes to define lightning areas around your sphere.
11. Make a larger circle selection, fill with same gradient and set layer mode to screen

1. use magic wand to separate duck from background
2. copy and past duck into dune picture
3. use magic wand to separate dune form sky
4. copy and past dune to separate layer and adjust layer order to creat illusion of duck behind dune


to use a precise measurement set you rulers and guides to the same measuring diminsion

To make a grid appear press CTRL '

To make a ruler appear press CTRL R

Type Tool

To have more control over the sizing of your text click once to start writing your text. Drawing out a text box creates limits on how much can modify your text

CLone Stamping Tool
use the ALT key to define an area to copy from and be sure to set your brush size to the size of the area you wish to clone to.

To turn a photo into a cartoon drawing
1. Add a new layer above your image and fill with a light blue color, set the opacity of this layer to 50%. This is your tracing aide, it will help you to see what areas of your picture you have already traced. Lock this layer.

2. Add a new layer above the tracing aide layer, set your colors back to default by pressing D

3. Select your pencil tool and size it to about 2 or 3 pixels.

4. Begin outlining your picture


The pen tool can be very difficult to manage. The lines don't behave like we want them to. The big trick is to use the ALT key to bring in your last direction handle back into the anchor point. You look for a change in direction to drop your next anchor point and then curve the line to what is needed, then bring in the direction handle in by holding the ALT key.

To convert a color picture to black and white

1. Convert Image mode to Lab Color
2. Delete the A channel from the channel palatte
3. The channels will convert to Alpha 1 and Alpha 2
4. Delete the Alpha 2 channel
5. Convert to Grey scale